Touch matters.


Our sense of touch is the largest, most developed of our senses, yet the least cultivated.If you have a problem with your vision, you get glasses. Hearing? Miracle Ear to the rescue, baby. But touch? We don’t DO anything for it. Culturally, we have created artificially large bubbles of personal space in which very little touching happens. Even intimate touch is problematic, as there are an overabundance of lines and barriers, that are so disparate, so conflicting, that we are overwhelmed by the nuance and details.We don’t even touch ourselves, except in the most businesslike of ways.But healthy touch is thrilling. It releases a flood of hormones and endorphins, allows us to connect in new and positive ways, and engages all of our OTHER senses.

Through the simple act of touch.

Like an onion (or an ogre), touch has layers. At its most basic, it’s a hug, hand holding, celebratory asspats.At its most complex, it’s the art of massage, childbirth, or really great sex.Come, and explore touch, in all its intricacy, with me.